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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Come Back Bags

Do you like my Come-Back Bags?  Would you like one?  The first time you come to one of my card making classes, you will receive one of these bags for FREE.  Yes, absolutely FREE.  Then the next time you come to class (cause I know if you come once, you'll want to come back), you'll bring your cute little bag with you to carry home all of your beautiful, hand crafted, one of a kind cards.  So, if you live in or near Graham, NC and would like to attend one of my classes (see schedule on this blog), please let me know, via email: or phone:  336-538-4996.

These bags are very easy to make, and each one takes just one sheet of 12 x 12 designer series paper, and a little ribbon.

Start by cutting your 12 x 12 paper to 9 x 12.  (Save the 3 x 12 piece you just cut off)
Score your 9 x 12 piece at 5" and 7" on the 12" side.  Turn and score at 2" on the 9" side.(this will be the bottom of your bag).  Cut on the 5" and 7" score lines from the bottom to the 2" score line.

Trim your 3 x 12 piece to 3 x 9.  Score 1/2" from the edge of each long side, turn and score at 2" along the 9" side (this will be the bottom of your bag).

Apply sticky tape to the 3 x 9 piece on each of the 1/2" scored tabs and adhere it to each end of your 9 x 12 bag.  Fold bottom of bag and secure with sticky tape. 

Below is a drawing and I hope it helps make sense of my directions.  If I had a manicure, and a camera, I would make a video, and until then..........

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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